Watch where you step…

“Reality. What a concept!”

— Robin Williams

This is the first post on my new blog. Thanks for dropping by. I’m just getting back into blogging, sometimes I want to say more than should be on Facebook or allowed on Twitter and Instagram…I’ve had several blogs over the years…I lose log in info, can’t remember what platform they are on, etc…so here’s another one! Please stay tuned for Random Thoughts from a Wandering Mind.

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What Day Is It?!

I know I’ve been away (again) for quite a while. Like many of you, I’ve been trying to reshuffle my life during this quarantine. Luckily, I’m still employed but I’m furloughed meaning I’ve only receiving 80% of my wages so after taxes, I’m getting like £125 less than my normal paycheque. However, I’d been doing so much overtime from November to March, my furlough wages is actually nearer £450 less than I’d been getting and BOY, can I feel it.

We are all in difference situations right now and I’m not going to compare my ‘new life’ to anyone elses. I know there are many MANY people worse off than I am right now and I know there are those still in a good place financially. So please do not feel like I’m comparing, this is my blog so I can only talk about my situtuation and outlook.

Today (12/5/20) they have announced that the furlough scheme will be extended to October but may be asking employers to ‘chip in’ from August. This is a great relief to me as originally it was to last until end of June. I’d much rather be actively working but right now, in my area, the only places hiring are looking for jobs that I physically cannot do or am not qualified for…hence my taking online courses.

Luckily, I’ve got my son with me whereas normally, I’d have him every other week due to the 50/50 custody. I’m so thankful for this because I believe if I were alone, just me and the cats, I’d be a lot worse off mentally. He’s in Year 12 at school and has been kept busy with online lessons his teachers have been setting and playing games online with friends keeping in touch.

I’m trying to keep busy and keep my brain exercising with online courses such as feline behaviour and psychology to go along with my cat sitting business and then office skill based ones such as customer service, HR, payroll, etc. Gage is also doing some ontop of his regular school work that’s assigned and submitted online.

Right now, his school is preparing to start accepting Year 10 & 12 students on a part-time basis from June 1 in line with current Government plans. Obviously this is constantly changing but at the moment (12/5/20) this is the plan.

I know just before all of this happened, I was SO looking forward to my four day weekend after working a lot of 6-12 day weeks. Now I’ve got the longest weekend EVER! LOL

It’s so scary though, isn’t it? Even once things start to reopen, things won’t be the same. Some degree of social distancing will be in place for a good while I believe and really, until there is a viable vaccine, we’ve got to be so careful.

I was watching a YouTube video Tom Hanks did earlier for college graduates and saying how this is our generations “before the war”. We have “before 9/11 travelling was…” and now “before the pandemic”, “during the pandemic”, etc. We are living during a very historical event. Let that sink in. Fifty years from now, schools very well may be teaching about this from a social point of view, medical of course and just as a worldwide historical event. It’s freaky thinking that while we’re sat here, in front of our tvs bored, watching Breaking Bad for the 3rd time. Or going to work but with many more safety measures and such. Our Grandkids will ask us about this and we’ll be like “be glad you’ve got somewhere to go! back in my day we had to stay indoors for X months due to a pandemic! Now get off my lawn!!” LOL It’s just mind blowing!

But on a positive note, the Earth seems to be healing herself from the decrease of all the emissions from planes, trains and cars. Hopefully we can keep that going as time goes on now it’s been shown to be working.

Anyway, another pointless post from me. LOL Please take care of yourselves and your family and follow the restriction guidelines for wherever you are but ALSO use common sense!! Just because this guy says it’s safe to run across the road, look both ways first!

What is this silly thing??

So my son has introduced me to a fun app called TikTok. I’d heard of it before via Social Media and hearing people talk about it, etc. but wasn’t sure what it was. Surely just a variation of Instagram, right?

NO! Okay, well…it is but it isn’t. With Instagram you post photos or a short ‘story’ with captions, etc. You can still do that with Tiktok but you can also lip sync with pre recorded sound clips from films or other people. I personally enjoy doing Golden Girl Duets with other users. This is where someone will have recorded one part of the clip, in this case let’s say they do Rose’s lines and then I can ‘duet’ it and record Blanche’s lines and my video will appear beside theirs.

There are also lots of ‘dances’ that someone will come up with and then others will copy it or do their best version of the moves. I’ve been challenged to learn ‘Renegade’ but often do what is called the Adam Bam Dance for a quick something with a caption. Right now I’m using that as a daily dance countdown to my holiday in May.

I must say, I’m a bit addicted to it LOL. It’s just a good bit of fun doing little videos, usually up to 15 seconds, and watching all this creative content by other users. Some people on there really go out of their way with makeup and costume and like videography…I’ll be on there for two hours before I know it, just watching videos in my For You feed.

Alot of people are doing ones revolving around the CoronaVirus which has the world in it’s grip currently. Some are educational about how to best take care of ourselves by medical staff and others are comical to help keep spirits high. A lot of people are having to self isolate to prevent catching or spreading the virus so they’re occupying their time (amongst other proper daily activities or routines) by making TikToks and tagging them like Big Brother. “Day 3 of self-isolation…”

They can be quite clever and uplifting and fun. I’m really enjoying it so if you’re on TikTok, or fancy creating an account, find and Follow me. My user name is @mommacinnamonroll

And no, I’m not being paid for this. This is just a musing during a quiet day.

Is Anyone There?

Hi There! Yes, I’m still here kicking around. I’ve been so busy with work and just life, I’ve not really had time to think and relax, much less blog.

Is it nearly the end of February already?! Wow 2020 is going by FAST!! My holiday to California will be here before I know it and I’m still on my way to meeting my holiday weight goal.

Since the new year, I’ve been working a lot of 6 day weeks, racking in that overtime to help cover the holiday costs as well as everyday things. Back in December, I set myself a little goal of using only what I made from cat-sitting, which I do on top of my full-time job, for ‘spending money’ which would include food, gas and activities. So far, that will be all I need. When I book these joint holidays with my sister, I get it all booked and paid for and she gives me her half of things when we get there. This then gives me that bit of cash as well so I don’t need to take much. I believe I’ll do like last year and take $500 in cash plus what she gives me for her share of things (hotels, rental car, pre-booked activities)


Wow…I started this post last month!! I’ve been so busy at work and stuff at home, I’ve just not had time or brain energy. Things have really quietened down at work now though and while it’s a welcomed break, I love to be busy. But at least now my body and brain can rest from the hectic schedule I’ve had the last few months.

What do you make of this coronavirus?!?! Madness!! I’m not like Trump and saying it’s a ‘hoax’ but I do feel the media and governments are doing a lot of scare mongering that’s adding to it rather than helping. People are going crazy bulk-buying food and toilet paper (?????) and the looks I’ve had when walking along the street and cough…it’s absurd. I went shopping yesterday for bits to get us through the weekend and the shelves were fine. It didn’t look like a zombie apocalypse, so I’m not sure where all this craziness is happening but it doesn’t seem to be in my area despite cases being identified on towns surrounding where we live.

I do keep looking at CNN and such to check on California as I know a lot of airlines are cancelling flights to and from places due to this. Corona better not mess up my MUCH needed vacation!! Just sayin’!!

Stay Clean and Cautious people. Wash, clean surfaces, use tissues and bin them. We’ll be okay.

Healthy, yet Expensive Household

As you may know from previous posts, I have been following Weight Watchers (WW UK) and at time of posting this I have lost 21lbs in those 18 weeks. My eating habits have really changed but yes, I still have ‘cravings’ or fancy a high pointed item or meal. I try to have these on or over Saturday and Sunday after I’ve had my weigh in and then have to 6 days to “make up” for it although I do try to not go over my weekly ‘Extras’ allowance. Since they relaunched WW and brought out the three colour plans; Blue, Green and Purple…I’ve been following the Purple Plan so I can have healthier carbs without having to point them.

I love these things!

However, three weeks ago my son (teenager) was advised my a specialist to go on the Keto diet to reverse his ‘fatty liver’. So with that in mind, I’m trying to cut my carb intake back to support him especially when we have meals together. Although, since being on the Purple Plan, I only have brown rice, whole wheat pasta and baked/boiled potatoes. He’s not allowed any of that so we have dinner with high protein and healthy fats. The other night he had steak with asparagus wrapped in bacon, to make little parcels, and a poached egg. I’ve also done a spinach ‘sauce’ with garlic and low fat Philadelphia cheese which I really enjoyed. The recipe called for sun dried tomatoes but it added too much carbs for his daily allowance so I omitted that but did put in a touch of tomato paste to add a bit more flavour. MWAH! Lovely!

My Land is Your Land. Your Land is My Land.

So while I’m trying to get us both healthy, meal planning, tracking, etc. I find it a bit hard with all the overtime I’m doing. This weekend for instance, I’ll be doing my grocery shopping when I’m usually cooking due to my schedule. Tomorrow the shops will be closed before and after I’m at work. But that was my choice to accept these extra hours and it is needed. My son seems to be quite proud of his “hard working, bad-ass” Mom too so I know I’m setting a good example for him.

I’ve been trying to get my house sorted out so if and when, I can sell it with no issues. Over here in England, although you can own the “bricks and mortar” that doesn’t always mean you own the land it sits upon. After doing my own detective work, because the solicitor was going to charge me £300 for his guy to do what cost me £5 online and find the owners, we had to pay their solicitor £275 to find the owners’ paperwork to prove they own the land as they’ve misplaced it. Actually they didn’t even seem to know they owned this bit of land. Sure, this was done back in the 80s but I’d remember if I owned a bit of land that someone else lived on… Anyway, so based on the size of the land (tiny!) and value of the flat, I’ve been quoted a good £15k more than I expected to get the lease extended or have them transfer ownership of it to me (which would be ideal for me).

It’s a LOT of money. See why I do so much overtime? And do my cat sitting “side hustle”? LOL Fingers crossed the bank will feel sorry for me and give me a loan so i can sort this out and consolidate my credit cards so it’s all in one nice manageable payment.

Do I Stay or Do I Go?

With this staring me in the face, I’m going to California in May with the thought that this could be my last vacation for quite a while, State-side anyway. We have been talking of hiring an RV and going to Colorado next year but that is now an “if and when” trip…as in if and when Sheila and I can afford it. LOL


It’s hard to get a YouTube Channel up and going well when you don’t have much to vlog about and only go on vacation a week or two out of the year. But what is on there, I know it’s very amateur, but I hope you enjoy it. If I get my editting software agreeing with me again, I’ll add some ‘every day’ type content. Maybe, given everything I’ll put up a virtual ‘tip jar’ LOL

Knives, Spies & a Rabbit

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year!!

So there’s been quite a few good movies out recently. Sure, I’ve not been able to catch all the ones I’d planned to see; I missed Doctor Sleep for example. But over the holidays, I did manage to see Knives Out, Spies in Disguise and JoJo Rabbit.

Now with Knives Out…I didn’t even know what it was about BUT I knew it had an amazing cast including the Hollywood Goddess, Jamie Lee Curtis. I’d heard amazing things on Facebook about it and so we just went.

I won’t give anything away for those who’ve yet to see this….you REALLY should!! But Gage and I loved it!! It was funny, clever and kept you on your toes. It follows a family who’s 85 year old father died on the night of his birthday party. They’re all pointing fingers at each other for various reasons, some quite poignant and valid. One thing I did enjoy about this, and I thought was a different way to do it, is that you knew ‘roughly’ what really happened very early on so you knew who did what (for the most part) and were just along for the ride. You start to piece it together in your mind and then you’re given a bit more information and you start to rejig it all.

It made you think, not just about the plot and the “whodunnit” but about family life these days. How so many people care more for their stature, place in society or how the public view them rather than the important opinions and love of their family and children.

But, may I just say that Daniel Craig’s accent as Detective Benoit Blanc…no one, even from Louisiana talks like that anymore LOL That definitely added a bit of comedy because you just could not take him seriously, albeit he was better then the idiot local cop characters. But also, Don Johnson…I remember watching him on Miami Vice when I was a kid. I was very excited to see him in something again. I had to do a double take! “Holy Shit, that’s Crocket!!” LOL

Definitely looking forward to watching it again once it’s on Amazon Prime or something.

So my son is a Tom Holland fan and we’re both Will Smith fans so of course we had to go see the animated film ‘Spies in Disguise’. We loved it! It was a great family film (my son is 16) but also enjoyable for adults with little side jokes or references that would go over younger kids’ heads.

It had action, comedy, twists and turns and of course, songs by Will Smith. The movie was loosely based on a 2009 animated short Pigeon: Impossible. What is it with Will Smith and super-agent rolls? He just IS the Super-Agent. This really was a heart warming film and at times you just wanna shout at Lance for how he treats Walter. But it’s all good. Lance comes around eventually and joins ‘the flock’ which produces an epic attack scene. You do just fall in love with the characters which is great when you develop a relationship with a character and care about them, that is when you really get drawn into a storyline.

Finally…and I know you’re thinking “wow she just enjoys almost everything”…we have JoJo Rabbit. Now when I saw this trailer at the cinema, I was like “Okaaaayyyyy….” It looked funny but I wasn’t sure what the story was so we went to a preview of it on New Year’s Day.

Now, I hope no one is offended by this trailer or anything because, I don’t think you should be really. Yes, it’s about the Nazi’s and yes, the main character JoJo has Hitler as his imaginary friend…but it may not be what you expect. The story follows JoJo in his blind fanaticism of Hitler and to be a soldier in the Nazi ranks only to find a Jewish girl, hiding in a cupboard in his deceased sister’s room. Over time they become friends as he slowly realises that Jews aren’t the enemy, they aren’t evil or these horrendous creatures they describe throughout the film. Descriptions which are so absurd you do tend to laugh at them.

It is another heart warming story but it does carry some heartache with it too. I think this film is very pertinent in today’s world and politics. But, I’m not going to get into politics here but I’m sure you may agree that we do seem to be at odds with each other more and more these days due to opinion as much as race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

I’m sorry this post took me a lot longer to get out than planned…I started it on January 8th LOL I do plan to post at least once a week on various things and hope you’ll join me in my random thoughts.

Thank you for reading 🙂

I don’t have 20/20 Vision, but…

I’ve never been much one for New Years for various reasons over the years. When I was a kid it was cool. As a teen it was still cool but I don’t recall really doing anything apart from watching the NYE show in New York on tv with my Mom. Then things just got depressing after she passed. When I moved to England it seemed to get even more depressing. Instead of looking forward to what the new year may have in store for me, I was always looking back thinking “There’s another year wasted being overweight. Another year wasted being unhappy, being away from my friends & family. Another year wasted not having done this, not having done that, not, not…”

This time however, I’m actually quite positive. I’ve actually felt FESTIVE and was excited about Christmas. We’re not doing much tonight, my son and I are just going out for dinner than chill in front of the tv. Tomorrow we’re going to the cinema to see JoJo Rabbit at a preview screening.

Sure, every year is unpredictable, time will always have it’s challenges to overcome and I know I have a few coming my way but I refuse to dwell on negativity anymore. Yes, there are a few things that really worry me, especially financially but I have a great full time job, I have my cat sitting ‘side hustle’ for a little extra income…I’ll be okay. One day my lottery numbers have to come up, right? Karma and all that jazz, hehe.

I believe 2020 will finally be MY year. I’m going into it having lost 18.5lbs in 14 weeks, more independent and self sufficient than I’ve ever been and with a kick ass haircut. Another bucket-list item will be ticked off when I see Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act LIVE in London this summer. And of course, I’ll be going back to California which I love…imagine that, an East Coast gal loving the West Coast. I just feel good and I like feeling good and being positive. I’ve missed the happy me and I’m glad she’s back in full force. Hopefully she’ll be sticking around for a good while. You have to put happiness and positivity out there into the Universe to get it back.

Have you noticed, when you’re in a bad mood for whatever reason, every little thing makes you even more mad? Everyone is a jerk, every other driver is a prick…I know that’s how I work. We all get mad, that’s just human nature. But I challenge you in 2020, rather than sitting in that madness and letting it grow, say “F You!” to whatever it is, forget it and move on with a smile. It’s not always easy, I KNOW, but believe me, you’ll feel better and won’t have ruined a full day due to a 10 second event at 8.15am because you’ve dwelled on it.

Do I do New Year’s Resolutions? Let’s put it this way…My goal in 2020 is to accomplish the goals of 2019 which I should’ve done in 2018 because I promised I’d do them in 2017 and planned them back in 2016…so…no, not really LOL I’m just going to keep on with what I’m doing which is trying to lose weight, trying to be a better person, try to budget my finances better but one thing I need to promise to do, is take days off work when it’s my week with my son and he’s got the week off school. I’m such a bad planner so he’d be at my flat (he’s a teenager, not a child-child) and I’d be at work. So that’s one thing I do want to improve for sure, planning ahead for him better. Even if it’s just one (hopefully two) days a week during his half-term weeks with me so we can hang out and do things.

So…all my best to you and yours for 2020.

Have Yourself a Merry Little…

Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, Las Posadas…whatever you celebrate or don’t celebrate. I wish you all have a lovely end to 2019 and a great start to 2020.

I had a great weekend with my office’s Christmas Party on Saturday and then at work on Sunday, we were all a bit worse for wear and so we had breakfast delivered from a nearby cafe then McDonald’s delivered for lunch and when I got home after picking up my son, we ordered Domino’s. It was NOT a diet friendly day but I chose to eat what I had, I enjoyed it and I’ve been trying to make up for it since so I’m not in tears at the scales tomorrow. I even tracked all of it, the ugly truth of it all LOL So I’m allowed 19 Smart Points on my current WW plan, not including my 42 extra Weeky points to use however. On that day, I had used 100 Smart Points…not so very Smart and I didn’t feel so good afterwards either. But, I felt rough, I was working and tired, couldn’t be bothered to cook and that’s what I chose to do.

Everyone was in black and here I am with a sparkly, pink top LOL

It amazes me now, after having lost 17lbs in 13 weeks that a day like that…okay it wasn’t the NORM but it wasn’t far off it. Greggs sausage roll or breakfast bap most mornings. McDonald’s and pizza once or twice a week. No wonder I got to the size I did, haha.

My Son and I are all ready for Christmas. We’re having lunch out so I don’t have to cook and have things to clean up so we can do presents, watch tv and play games as I’ve only got him from Christmas Day afternoon to Boxing Day afternoon. I ordered some stuff for the both of us from a couple of sites in America and had them sent to my best friend rather than paying extortionate International postage and all. I can’t remember what all I ordered LOL so rather than opening it and wrapping up my son’s things, I’m going to wrap the box she shipped it all in so it’ll be a nice surprise for both of us LOL Next year, I plan to organise my own surprise birthday party! HaHaHa I probably could too!!

So what are your new year’s resolutions? I don’t really have any. I’m not really a ‘new years person’, never have been really. However, I’m always forgetting to ask for time off work when my Son has school breaks and it’s my week with him. So that will be a definate goal in 2020, to plan ahead better and book off a couple of days when he’s with me and has that week off of school. That and to continue to take better care of myself so that although I’m getting older, I’m getting younger due to better health…if that makes sense. I’d also love to get some plasma fibroblast treatments on my neck and face to tighten the skin as I can’t afford actual plastic surgery. Am I vain? No, not really. But I feel that as I’m starting to discover more of who I am, losing weight and starting life over in a way…I’m starting to look my age over how old and amazing I feel. The plasma fibroblast surgery is non-evasive and so I’m back at work the next day…I’ll just be covered in polka dots for a week in that area. I definately want my neck and eyelids done as that is where I’m really to starting to show age and my neck is loose from weight loss. I miss my jawline LOL. I want that back! When I get my winning lottery ticket, I’ll happily go under the knife for some revision but for now, I think plasma treatments will be the way to go as the results are said to last for years and it’s a bit more affordable.

Anyway, that’s my little bit of random thoughts for today. I’m sure I had more earlier today but I can’t remember now. Lord help me. LOL

Have a great weekend y’all. I’m still working until Tuesday, another 10 day week for me and then two weeks of cat sitting from Sunday as well. I think all of my hard work is really showing my son about good work ethics that I hope he’ll carry on as he grows. He’s really wanting a little weekend job as it is. Fingers crossed he’ll be able to find something.

Good night, everyone. MWAH!

That Trailer That Dropped on 9th December…

First of all…if you’ve not seen the first official trailer for some film about ghosts and ghost busting called Ghostbusters: Afterlife… check it out below

Ghostbusters (2020): Afterlife

Watched it? Good! Let’s get started.

**Disclaimer: The below are just thoughts and theories of myself after watching the trailer…none of this is official plot lines outside of what you saw in the trailer**

So I have been a Ghostbusters fan since I was a child, since I saw the first film back in 1984…I am an 80s kid afterall. Even at a young age I was interested in science and the paranormal…like most 7 year olds, so this movie was just perfect for me. Add in the fact that my Mom raised me on classic SNL with Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, etc.

As most kids, I’d daydream, especiallly while in class. While they invisioned being actresses, football players, going out with the popular kid to the school dance…I was picturing in my head that Ray, Egon, Pete and Winston would pull up in front of my school in Ecto and get me from class because they NEEDED me on a hot case. Okay, I also had a crush on Harold Ramis…I like nerds with brains! Kill me.

Ghostbusters 2 was fun. I mean, we saw Pete & Dana’s relationship come back together, Janine and Louis hook up and they make the freakin’ Statue of Liberty come on land!! *throws hands up* I know GB2 is like marmite in the Ghostbusters fandom. You love it or hate it for various reasons.

When I grew up…my daydream became a reality…in a roundabout way. I found a Ghostbusters fan group who dressed up like the characters and raised money for charities. So my ex funded this passion and before I knew it, I had a flightsuit, boots and most importantly…a proton pack which was upgraded a few years later with a even more kick ass light and sound kit.

Okay, I’m rambling already. I’m sorry…just trying to build a picture for you here. My left inner ankle has the ‘no ghosts’ logo on it (tattoo) ffs.

So this trailer…Ghostbuster fans have been waiting AGES for this, getting all excited with every leaked photo or cast news. I was more like, I’m not sure how to describe it. Maybe I’m so wrapped up with work and life, it just wasn’t on the top of my importance list. When I got home, I got up YouTube on my tv and watched it. First impression was like “okay…I’m interested”. Second, third time I watched it “oh that’s…! oh and there’s…!” Lots of lovely Easter Eggs and homages to the first film.

So…it looks like our old pal Ivo Shandor may be behind these new disturbances in Summerville.

That is Definately a Terror Dog claw on Paul Rudd’s car!

And, I mean…no human being would stack books like that…Right?!

What I love is not just the ties to the original film and what teases to bring things full circle, but also the possibilities. So we know the Grandfather has passed away and their Mom brought the family to the farm to go through what was left behind. With this we have two thoughts…Egon sadly passed away when Harold did. They do look a LOT like Egon. Phoebe, the little girl, is a science geek and Trevor, the teenage boy, is a gear head. But we also recall that in the first film, Ray had to remortgage his family home so they could afford the firehouse.

So although we know in our hearts that this is the Spengler family…could it be Ray’s childhood home where, after the 1989 fight with Vigo, all of the guys’ stuff was stored as this is the first ghost sighting since then. So says Mr Grooberson (Paul Rudd) in the trailer. Ecto is there, lots of equipment…not just spores, moulds & fungius. We know most of the original cast will be making cameos as their previous characters as this is the same Universe & timeline. The big question of everyone’s mind is … Will Rick Moranis return as Louis Tully?

**EDIT…OMG!! WHAT IF LOUIS TULLY IS THE GRANDAD WHO PASSED?!?! Rick Moranis has been retired since the passing of his wife so very unlikely to make a return in the film. He “always wanted to be a Ghostbuster” and was the guys’ lawyer…Maybe they entrusted him to keep their stuff when things quietened down after GB2…**

Shandor Minning…does our old foe Gozer come back in a different form? Will Ivo Shandor himself make an appearance?! Or…is there still a facton of Gozer worshippers in Summerville who will summon up another opponent.

Ecto has a gunner seat similar to Ecto in The Real Ghostbusters cartoon…will Slimer finally befriend the gang like in the cartoon too? We did see a little green spirit peek out of the ghosttrap & look at Paul Rudd.

Let’s just let our minds run with it…Did Egon and Janine finally hook up?! Did Janine and Louis stay together instead? Did the mom grow up with the other Ghostbusters’ kids and who all in this extended family will get involved.

I try not to read too much into things. I love enjoying a film in the cinema not really knowing more than the trailers have told us, but I do enjoy a bit of speculation and theories.

The Ghostbusters fandom have been waiting for a ‘passing of the torch’ film and now…we’ve clearly got it. Same Universe, right timeline, literally keeping it in the family. Needless to say I’m very excited about this but…it won’t be out until July 2020 and until then, we’ll have to let our minds run with fun possibilities while we get on with our lives.

Thanks for letting me ramble again about my thoughts. The trailer was good in that it didn’t give us a lot of information but lots of Oooohs & Aaaaahs that made the 8yr old in all of us jump for joy.

To Sleep Perchance to Dream.

So last night, I didn’t get a lot of sleep as I got in from work about 9.30pm (and had to be back in today by 9am) and my football team, the Auburn Tigers, were already in the first quarter of the Iron Bowl at this time. So I fed my cats and got tucked up into bed with the game playing on my phone via BT Sports App.

I’m lying there, eyelids getting heavy and then bolt straight up “Holy Shit!!” because of some amazing play…I’ll admit, one was by the opposing team, Alabama…do they have a nickname? I know their ‘battle cry’ is Roll Tide. But like, we’re the Auburn Tigers…are they the Alabama…is Crimson Tide their nickname? I think it is…I’m tired LOL

Anyway, this was an AMAZING game!! Neck and neck the WHOLE way; You get a touchdown, now you get a touchdown, and now you, okay a field goal for you then a touchdown. In the last six minutes of the first half, a total of 38 points between them!

I made it to the third quarter but then once we are ahead again, I let myself drift on off to sleep as I knew we had it won. More points were scored but I just had that feeling in my heart that it was our game. We won 48-45…Dream Come True!

About 4.20am I was woken up to a very loud BOOM!! which I assumed was a van or something at the flats behind my house backfiring, shrugged it off and went back to sleep. Turns out, it was a Sonic Boom!! Apparently, it was RAF jets responding to a 7700 ‘Squawking Request’

It must’ve done something to my subconscious because the last dream I remember was just horrible. I kept waking up in a panic trying to calm myself down and change my thoughts. But in my nightmare, two people had broken into my house and were trying to take my belongings. For some crazy, unknown reason the two people were Zach Anner and Camryn Manheim of all people!! So, okay Zach I see on Rooster Teeth from time to time and Camryn, I recently watched on Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings episode #5, “Down from Dover”. What they hell they were doing in my head, robbing me in a nightmare…I don’t know!! Of course, they were going after stuff I truly cherish and things passed down to me so I was fighting tooth and nail! (side note…in the dream Zach was not in a chair but walking about ransacking my place)

^^ Not Zach nor Camryn ^^ Not my house either, so…

This nightmare really had me rattled! Think I’ll look into some security cameras or something. Also think I’ll take a Nytol tonight to help get a good night’s sleep in preparation for my last 5 work days in this 12 day ‘week’. Momma has Christmas to pay for, hehe, so I’ve accepted all the overtime they’ll give me. I’m sure I’ll appreciate the holidays off a bit more too.

Ten Dozen Eggs!!

Ok this one will be mostly about my weight-loss as I’ve now lost 15.5lbs in just ten weeks!! Holy Cow!! As someone who’s always struggled with weight, start and stopped diet after diet after diet, yo-yoing back and forth, up and down….this is amazing to and for me.

Scrambled or Sunny Side Up?

So I’m following the current WW (formally Weight Watchers) plan and I’ve been on the new Purple Plan the last two weeks which allows healthy carbs as 0 pointed foods; potatoes, wholewheat pasta, brown rice, etc. I’ve missed my potatoes and on the Blue Plan, how it was before they added the Purple & Green Plans, they can work out to be high in daily points. Each week since joining I’ve lost except for two weeks ago but that was an expected gain and it was only 1.5lbs. The following week I lost three and this week I lost another two, so…Happy Days!

I’m hoping, looking at my current average weight loss, that I’ll manage to lose a further 30lbs before my trip to California in May. That would be AMAZING!! I’m not going to say what I weigh now or what I would be with another 30lbs gone but, let’s just say…it’s been a long time since I’ve been at that weight and it’d be amazing to get that low for my trip *whispers* because we plan on pigging out on ice cream and alcohol *wink, wink*

Why did the girls cross the bridge?

I can not wait for this trip! My best friend, Sheila (Friends by Chance, Sisters by Choice), keep saying we’re going to have a relaxing beach vacation and hopefully this one will be it. In June this year we had our little “Gothic Road Trip” which included staying in Salem, MA, visiting the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in New York, the Eastern State Pen and sleeping in the bedrooms of Lizzie and Emma Borden at the Lizzie Borden B&B Although we had a GREAT time and we did several things on our Bucket List, it was a lot of driving and we did have somewhere specific to be on a certain day.

California will be a little bit shorter of a trip for me as this year I went out a couple of days early to have more time in Boston. Next year, in trying to keep costs down or rather have a bit more money to use while there, we’re flying in and out the same day and only visiting for ten days. Equal time in San Francisco and San Jose as we’re both dying to go to places in both cities.

Now I’ve been to San Francisco and San Jose before, although in San Jose I only went to the Winchester Mystery House and then back to The Bay, but I really loved it and have been wanting to go back. Sheila has never been to California, so of course there’s lots of stuff I want to show her and us do together. We were umming and ahhing over what to do because we wanted to go to San Fran, San Jose and LA but that would’ve been another car heavy trip and less doing and seeing things. So we’re saving Los Angeles for another time.

What’s Your Dream?

I’m hoping to also tick another item off of my Bucket List while there, riding a Harley Davidson. There are places in town where you can rent them and they even do just day rentals which is what I’d be looking to do. Now, as I’ve never been on a motorcycle, let alone driven a Harley. So I’m looking at taking some motorcycle lessons here in the UK beforehand so I’m knowledgeable, capable and sure I’m legal. Would I ever like to have my own motorcycle? Sure! But for the 4 weeks it’s warm enough here to be out on one…I don’t think it’s worth it. Maybe one day though, to have on the back of the RV for little trips away from the campsite or something. Or when I win the lottery, hehe. This is another hair-brain idea I have, something I’d love to do but may not be possible just yet. The lessons aren’t cheap, the CBT (compulsory basic training) is like £135 itself. But I’ll see how my overtime hours and cat sitting jobs go.

Anyway, I think I’ve rambled on enough. I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving.